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The 1st Inter-Fam Degen Royale Tournament (Feb)

We were looking for 10 fams to start a Tournament, and ended up with 20 fams signing up within a couple of days. Looks like we have a winner - everyone! Root for your favorite team(s), lots of gameplay vids to laugh at, and cool fun prizes to win, for players and even for supporters.

80 players in 20 teams, who's gonna be the Legendary Champions of the 1st ever Degen Royale Tournament!

The 1st Tournament is all Sol fams. Eth fams worry not, it's coming to Eth fams too! And you can bet, winners will battle it out in a Sol vs Eth End Boss Tournament I get excited from just writing this. Can't wait! 👀

Tune in on Twitter soon and join in the Tournament Like, Comment & RT madness in Feb.

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