🏝️Overview of Degen Royale

Our vision is a world of wacky, casual, social games where communities chill & game as your own character, uniting all degens for battles or laughs 🤪🔫💥 Together we grow. pew pew.

Our mission : 10 million players

Degens & normies, chilling, gaming & laughing. Together we unite the future of web3… or is it web5 (web2+3). Game nights, inter-fam tournaments, for honor or for laughs.

Welcome to the island! A place where apes find themselves waking up alongside thousands of palettes of empty DAA beer cans.

As the apes waddle around the island, a tweet-like sound echoes in the distance… Is it a bird? No. Too rapid. A plane? No. Skies are empty.

It’s… “Pew…Pew-pew!” The sound of bananas spewing their seeds at lightning-like speeds! And other wacky weapons to amuse us all...

Meet new fams & species as you discover more of the island's secrets. Humans & degenerate creatures will dance and divide — A battle of heroes seems imminent as degens arrive from diverse NFT worlds.

Welcome to Degen Royale.

Degen Royale

🔫 Degen Royale is the first Play-to-Socialize (P2S) community for web3 entertainment.

🔫Top communities from Solana and Ethereum come together in Degen Royale to fight each other in a shooter game. You'll come to the island as your own NFT (e.g. your Degen Ape, BAYC, PGodjira, Moonirds, CloneX DeGods).

🔫Loads of content for socializing will also be available. You’ll engage with 3D dance videos, memes, AR filters, and more!

Degen Royale is pioneering a new type of immersive social experience. Can’t wait to see you on the island!

The Islands

Island #1 : Degen Royale Island

Uniting all degens eth and sol, to chill and pew pew.

Island #2 : Benfica Island - coming soon

Our company Interverse is bringing on top names with global fan base such as Benfica opening up a new world for all of us. Benfica Island onboards Benfica’s 15m global fans to digital collectibles and gaming

... and more Islands

More islands are in the works with top names bringing on significant fan base for us all to play and chill with.

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