The Beginning

The "Philly Pfahmer von Degen" twitter account aka @DegenApe4283 was started in July 2022. Philly is a virtual character who dropped his 1st video in the tweet below. This led to many more videos dropping weekly. Philly was seen vibin' with the Degen Ape Academy fam, winning their CreApe contest, and is now launching Degen Royale.

The Line Dancin'

This video marked a new milestone for Philly with engagement reaching a new level. Philly was super proud that @SOLBigBrain retweeted. Today SOL Big Brain is part of the Degen Royale fam with his OG Banana Blasters.

Winner of Creape #7

Philly released an AR filter to the community. The filter was designed to match each fren's ape and created for everyone who asked. This compilation video shows what was posted on Twitter. It's our way of expressing our web3 community spirit. Apes strong together!

Wanna smash each other up?

Released in Sep 2022, this video is the genesis of Degen Royale. With over 130K impressions and lots of "wen game", the game went from prototype to full speed development by hiring a full-time game dev team.

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