👉 Is Degen Royale minting on ETH or SOL?

Both. The OG Banana Blaster (333) was on SOL. For the next 2 guns, one will be SOL and one will be ETH. The entire collection is 10K, released in batches with each batch a different gun/gdaget.
👉 Is the game only for DAA (Degen Ape Academy)?
No, everyone is welcome! The Degen Royale OGs have lots of DAA holders because it was shaped and born from the engagement of the wacky DAA fam.
👉 What if I don't have any of the supported NFTs (eg. DAA, BAYC, CloneX DeGods Aurory etc), can I still play?
Yes, you can! There will be "guest" characters (eg. a "guest ape", "guest Aurorian" etc) that you can use in the game.
👉 What NFTs are supported? And are there plans to add more?
  • Degen Ape Academy (SOL) - full collection traits
  • Degen Trash Panda (SOL) - full collection traits
  • Aurory (SOL) - full collection traits
  • Knittables (SOL) - full collection traits
  • Solana Monke Business SMB (SOL) - full collection traits soon
  • DAA Drop Bears (SOL)
  • Galactic Gecko Space Garage (SOL)
  • Cets on Creck (SOL)
  • DeGods (SOL)
  • Okay Bears (SOL)
  • y00ts (SOL)
  • Solgats (SOL)
  • Grim Syndicate (SOL)
  • Jelly eSports Rascals (SOL)
  • IMSO Evolved Chimp (SOL)
  • Dinodawg Kingdom (SOL)
  • Monke Rejects (SOL)
  • Soul Dogs City (SOL)
  • Bullyz Crew (SOL)
  • Trippin Ape Tribe (SOL)
  • Jungle Cats (SOL)
  • BAT x Adam Ape for BRAVE (SOL)
  • Fun Godz (SOL)
  • Bobos of War (SOL)
  • Dapper Ape High Society (SOL)
  • Dimenxion (SOL)
  • Yaku Corp (SOL)
  • Bobos of War (SOL)
  • Jungle Cats (SOL)
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club BAYC (ETH)
  • CloneX (ETH)
  • Moonbirds (ETH)
  • Moonbirdpunks (ETH)
  • PGodjira (ETH)
  • Project Yin Yang (ETH)
  • Kaiju Kings (ETH)
  • Cyber Kongz (ETH)
  • Cool Cats (ETH)
  • Sappy Seals (ETH)
  • Atama (ETH)
  • A Kid Called Beast (ETH)
  • Hello Pets (ETH)
  • Anata NFT (ETH)
  • Immadegen VOID (ETH)
  • Trap Monkie (ETH)
  • Meebits (ETH)
  • Cyborg 86 (ETH)
  • The Feeshes (ETH)
  • Voltz (ETH)
  • Toxic Skull (ETH)
  • Aptos Undead (APTOS)
  • Bad Fox Motorcycle Club (Cardano)
Yes, more NFTs will be added continuously. Hop into our discord or get on Twitter to ask about it.
👉What is Pew Pew?
The sound that guns make. It's the mating/bromance call of the Degen Royale fam
🔫🔥🔫 pew pew.
We also love pew pew gif memes.
👉 How do I get on WL?
  • Currently all WL are closed for our upcoming eth mint on Feb 1 - Cash Gun
  • In Feb we will re-open WL for future mints
    • Collabs with projects/DAOs
    • Registered users of our Game (free to play, live on Steam)

👉 How will the game be installed? Is it for Mac or PC?

The game will be distributed via Steam, so it will be safe for both Mac AND PC
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