💥Rumble & Battle Modes

The Degens venture deeper into the island and encounter new breeds of NFT characters. Wacky debates arise — Do we chug the barrels of the Drop Boozaka?🍻 Or save it for protection? And who gets the Royale Tee-shirts?

3 games hyper-casual, hyper-social, will be played across all islands - 1 multiplayer shooter (live, available now on Steam), and 2 non-shooters (coming soon). All wacky games you can play alone or with frens.

The battles are inevitable...

Game modes

Degen Royale will be available on both PC and Mac. The two main game modes are a free-for-all style rumble and team battles where two teams shoot each other up.

Degens will shoot each other up in wacky and fun-to-watch style of gameplay. The nutty gameplay will be fun to watch and we are currently exploring an esports aspect of the game.

Degen Royale Pew Pew Game is now open

The game server is live!

To play,

you will need to be a gun holder (available on secondary / new gun mint coming soon), or enroll in a beta test (ask in Discord).

You will then get a login that allows you to enter the game

A match will automatically start when there's 3 or more persons in the game, and the maximum is 100.

Check out the Quick-start Guide here : https://medium.com/degen-royale/quick-start-guide-for-degen-royale-15c1386ecf20

Degen Royale Rumble

The Royale Rumble mode is a free-for-all mode that supports up to 100 people.

💥Players will pew-pew against each other

💥Unlimited re-spawn

💥First to reach set number of kills (eg. 30) wins

The first OG Rumble took place the 3rd Week of October.

Keep an eye out for gameplay vids and be sure to join the Discord to find mates to play with and Signups for future Rumbles!

Degen Royale Battle

The Battle mode will pit two teams against each other for fun, or for vengeance!

💥Team Death Match - pick one side to join Team Red or Blue

💥 Form teams and battle with your fam or with other fam

💥 Leaderboard with Prizes (soon)

Sign ups for Battles are currently live in our Discord!

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