🔫Degen Royale NFTs

10K Gun Collectiom

Our NFT is a 10K Gun Collection that works as Premium Game Passes.

The collection is released in batches with organic growth, each time a new wacky design.

⚡Until 10K is reach when supply shock kicks in, when community continues to grow but no more guns are made.

Holder Benefits

Currently all guns have the same power/behavior. In a future game update, different guns will behave differently to make the game mechanics more spicy :)

🔫 Hyper-Casual Hyper-Social Games 🔫Personalized Characters in-game 🔫Collector Items to pick up in-game 🔫Special Drops 🔫Access to Holder's User Panel 🔫Access to Tournaments with Prizes 🔫Inter-fam Battles 🔫Live on Steam Engine

OG Banana Blasters (SOLD OUT)

💪 Superpower : Banana Blaster is the "genesis" gun, so all holders of Banana Blasters get OG/Elder Council status, special Banan Blaster holders only channel, and at least one guaranteed mint to all our mints, sometimes more than one.

Blast your way through Degen Island with a limited edition OG Banana Blaster!

The OG collection was a stealth mint of 333 Banana Blasters. They give exclusive access to the first ever Degen Royale Rumble! Little is known about their origin, but whispers from the jungle mention whitelist opportunities and other secret perks.

The OG collection also has 3 super rare 1/1 Golden Banana Blasters.

The final blaster minted was a Golden Banana Blaster, which led to much speculation... Was it an act of fate? Did the candy machine try diamond handing the blaster for itself? Upon inspection, all three Gold Banana Blasters were minted in France. Was a French mafia involved?

Others argue that the blasters were a way for aliens to smuggle weapons to earth. And that the golden bananas are stolen treasure that once belonged to a donkey-faced ape.

Mint Date: 29 Sep 2022

Supply: 333

Mint Price: 2 SOL

Drop Boozookas

💪 Superpower : Super rare, the rarest of guns other than 1/1s. Only 69 was dropped, and the holders have proven to be ultra diamondhands.

Loaded with liquor, the Drop BOOZooka will light up the island like an NFT convention afterparty. The name comes from how they dropped down from trees one day. Philly was serving everyone banana-blasted eggs for brunch and then — 💥THWAP!💥

Drop Boozookas pound the table! 🍌Banana pulp flies everywhere. Apes have egg on their face. Some apes caught a glimpse of furry creatures in the treetops — retreating to the jungle as they danced like fairies.

Was this an attack? Or just a friendly airdrop? Nevertheless, 69 Drop Boozookas are now just waiting to be claimed by Degens…

With only 69 in existence, the Drop Boozookas (1/1 Golden Boozooka) was minted by anyone who owns both a Degenerate Egg and an OG Banana blaster. This is to reward our loyal OG Banana Blaster holders and to celebrate the Drop Bears reveal, together! Congrats, yaaaay! 🍾🥳🐨

Mint Date: 21 Oct 2022 (wen eggs hatched and Drop Bears revealed)

Supply: 69

Mint Price: 0 SOL


Candy Gun [SOL] - SOLD OUT

💪 Superpower : Candy Gun holders can collect stars on the island. Stars collected + kills in every month will be "graded on a curve" by the Degen Ape Academy (DAA) and Golf Stars will be awarded. You don't need to have a DAA Ape/Bear or DTP. You just have to have a Candy Gun! This is made possible thanks to our Official Partnership with DAA (Degen Ape Academy). We are proud to be the only non-DAA/DTP NFT to enable holders to earn Gold Stars.

Candy Gun is our tribute to the Solana Candy Machine the leading minting and distribution program for NFTs. So if you've minted a Solana NFT, chances are you've used Candy Machine. With the release of Candy Gun, we salute the Candy Machine.

👉 Mint Date: 12 Jan 2023

👉 Supply: 1,000

👉 Mint Price: 3 SOL

Hyperspace Marketplace & Aggregator: https://hyperspace.xyz/collection/degenroyale

Cash Gun [ETH]

How'd you like to be killed by cash? Whether the market is up or down, on Degen Royale Island you can make it rain, smash your foe and frens with cash, cold hard cash. Pew pew.

👉 Mint Date: 25 Jan 2023

👉 Supply: 2,000

👉 Mint Price: 0.03 ETH

👉 Mint Site : TBA

Free To Play Gun

Players without a Degen Royale Gun NFT are still welcome to play as guests, and will use a guest gun called "Hand Gun".

Future Mint(s):

Uncover more weapons on Degen Island during our next mint!

Despite Banana Blasters selling out, the sound of pew-pew still echoes in the distance. More weapons (and inhabitants) must be on the island!

The entire collection size is 10K, releasing in batches and each batch is a new wacky weapon. The upcoming mints will be for different weapons used in the shooter game. Each holder gets access to exclusive, social gameplay!

Remember, it's not just a shooter. It's web3 entertainment!

👉 SUPPLY : TBD (10k for entire collection)

How to Whitelist

Sign up for pewpewlist below to mint an awesome new NFT to use on Degen Island! More WL opportunities available via Discord and/or Twitter.

👉 For eth frens : Register on premint: https://premint.xyz/degen-royale-cashgun

👉 For sol frens : fill in our Pew Pew List form: https://forms.gle/wJavJTZkDtZoYC1m8

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